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March 13, 2012 Posted by admin in Press

Chef Horacio Rivadero has won Food & Wine's Best Gulf Coast Chef!

OLA/Dining Room Chef Horacio Rivadero has won Food & Wine's Best Gulf Coast Chef!

Click here to view the Best New Chef results on and a congratulatory post from here and a one from here.

RESTAURANT The Dining Room (Read a review)

LOCATION Miami Beach, FL

WHY HE’S AMAZING Because he’s making exquisite, gimmick-free Latin food with passion and precision.

BACKGROUND Ola (Miami Beach)

MUST-TRY DISH Braised pork with white bean puree, radishes and green mustard sauce.

HOMETOWN DESSERT Rivadero was born in Argentina; his playful take on baked Alaska is called baked Patagonia: pistachio cake with dulce de leche ice cream, passion fruit sauce and gorgeous meringue.

March 10, 2012 Posted by admin in Press

OLA Chef Horacio Rivadero on NBC Miami

Chef Horacio Rivadero and owner Zach Lieberman of OLA and The Dining Room Restaurants on NBC Channel 6 in Miami

March 6, 2012 Posted by admin in Press

Vote for Ola's Chef Horacio Rivadero on names America’s 10 most brilliant up-and-coming chefs every year.

Please log on and vote for OLA'a Chef Horacio Rivadero as the most talented new chef in America.

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