There is no Che in Ceviche

You may be wondering, what does an Argentine know about ceviche? Truthfully, lots! There is no doubt that meat is in my blood (in fact I may share some of my fave steak places soon!), but give me a taste or choice for ceviche and the ché is all but gone! Well, for the course of dinnertime at least.

Seriously though, when most people think of Miami, they think of sunny days, our beautiful beaches, and our fabulous nightlife, but under the radar comes a fantastic niche of amazing seafood….and a definite local favorite: ceviche! Certainly, great seafood in our magical city is plain common sense to most, since we are on the water and just a few miles from the gulfstream waterway that runs along the entire eastern seaboard of the US. Thanks to a heavy latin and south American population, Miami has gone beyond traditional seafood and added a mélange of ceviches that have become a local staple!

OLA is by far one of our favorite “off the beaten path” restaurants in Miami… Off the beaten path due to its nondescript location, there is no disguising this revolutionary and extraordinary Nuevo Latino heaven! Featuring the most delectable ceviches, OLA focuses on local seafood as well as traditional latin dishes with a twist. Among our favorites: the Lobster ceviche, the Hamachi Nikkei, the “Fire and Ice” made with cobia, and the “Ceviche Mixto” with octopus, shrimp, and white fish. Other must try items at OLA are the smoked marlin taco’s, their plantain crusted mahi served over oxtail stew, the pescado a lo macho with aji amarillo sauce, and the puerco asado (a 24 hour braised pork) that is scrumptious… OLA is also the only place in Miami where you can learn to make Miami’s signature items…Mojito and Ceviche classes also offered on their roof-top lounge with advance reservation for small to large groups.

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